Hi, I’m Dave! Welcome to my IELTS online IELTS courses and resources! You can message me at if you have questions!

Before you commit I want to explain very clearly why there’s no one better to help you learn about IELTS and improve your English at the same time.

I’ve been working in various countries including Vietnam, Germany, Thailand, Korea, and the United States for more than a decade - mainly at British Council as a teacher, IELTS examiner and trainer. My qualifications include a BA in English Literature from Bard in New York, a CELTA, CELTA-YL and DELTA - the highest English teaching qualification.

The main difference between myself and other websites is that I am both very well versed in IELTS (from working as an examiner and a trainer for the department) as well as English in general. Combined with all my years of experience, I know exactly what students need and the best ways to give it to them.

I have hand-made every lesson and material for this course. The lessons here are only available here - no other school has my materials!

Most other websites will delegate their tasks to other employees. I just have a couple of assistants that I have personally trained to help out - but every video, worksheet, material, etc is made and edited by me first and foremost.

Online Lessons with Dave!


The main problem for all students with IELTS is their language ability. IELTS is a language test.

If your language ability is good and you learn some basic test strategy you will get a good score.

If your ability is not good, then all the test strategy in the world cannot help you. Just like a sport: you can’t just watch YouTube highlights and expect to be good. You must actively practice and improve.

That’s why my lessons focus on test strategy as well as improving your English - so that you get the balance you need. It also makes studying IELTS more interesting and fun!

Most lessons include all 4 skills but I focus on speaking (and pronunciation especially) and writing (ideas and examples, especially) because those are the biggest challenges for students in my experience.

There is a wide range of skills covered. If you have problems with grammar or particular sounds in English or thinking of main ideas - I cover everything.

I personally guarantee that if you work hard, study the lessons well, and do the workbooks you will improve your English and your IELTS ability far faster than through any other courses!

Dream big - you can achieve your score!